Michael L. Turnbow (Retired) General Manager, Inspection and Testing Services, electric utility.

"During my 35 years in the power business I have worked with many vendors supplying NDE and inspection servics. IveyCooper Services will remain at the top of the list as one of the most valued suppliers."

Mark Pitre, Lead Field Welding Engineer, Watts Bar Unit 2 Completion Project

"ICS maintains a robust quality program that passed numerous audits and inspections. This was a critical aspect to the contract, as ICS was responsible for ordering, maintaining, and calibrating all equipment utilized and NDE consumables needed in the performance of NDE for ASME Section III, ASME B31.1, AWS D1.1, and other various codes and standards."

Gerald Newell, Level III Inspection Manager, Watts Bar Unit 2 Completion Project (Bechtel)

"There was no time when they were found unable to complete the task regardless of the difficulty involved."

G. Wayne Hembree, (Retired) ELECTRIC UTILITY

"The professionalism of IveyCooper has never wavered. IveyCooper is one of the most ethical and professional NDE labs that continually strive tot produce quality examinations."

Chris Harper, Quality Engineer, Sulzer Pumps

"I would gladly recommend them with the full expectation that they would be capable of meeting or exceeding your expectations."

Tommy Craig, Quality Assurance Manager, Master Machines, Inc.

"IveyCooper embodies a customer first organization."